The sun has got his hat on!

March 16, 2009 at 2:05 pm (Uncategorized)

THE STREETS are derelict and the shops emptier than a top recession expert could have ever predicted, so where has the 7.5 million population disappeared?

Walk through the gates of any of London’s fine green parks and the answer is clear, Londoners, in their masses, have flocked to the grassy surroundings!  The first sign of sunshine and we go running and with fair reason. When you can only expect two weeks of sunshine a year, every drop of sunlight is to be cherished and savoured!   

After enduring months of wind, snow and showers we Londoners have finally been treated to a spell of sunshine! The shorts are on, the flip flops re-instated and the sunglasses permanently fixed over our vampire delicate eyes! And where better to while away a few hours than in natural surroundings with a glass of white, a French stick and some imported strawberries.

High on vitamin D and giggly from day time alcohol consumption, there is an air of gratification. For a few hours people forget their stressful lives and their faces are overtaken by smiles.  Sure, the ducks, birds, squirrels and geese are a little inconvienienced, but they will be thanking us when they discover the banquet of crums left as a parting gift.

Away from the traffic, crime and clostrophobic tube, the park becomes a tranquil spot with London a distance memory. Of course, there is always some newsreader around to reminded us that parks are a dangerous place. However, I can’t help but feel that the major danger on these sunny days comes from the uncontrolled yuppies on roller blades and the children, who have forgotten how to use the breaks on their bikes after weeks of rain. Give me these hazzards anyday over the black cabs and buses of central London whose drivers who are clearly road blinkered.

No doubt tomorrow there will be a few people wishing they had applied more factor 20. Yet the pink legs and rosy cheeks are a firm reminder that the sun does exist and will give the rest of us suncream conscious few a giggle.

Lets hope this weather lasts a little longer but if not, I will see you at Battersea park for the next two day spell.

Sarah Butt (C)


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