I’m a bar manager, hear my roar!

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I have found the secret to gaining the life enhancing skills of over exerted arrogance the rudeness. All you have to do to believe you have the power of God is become the manager of a down trodden pub in a mediocre area managing a bunch of misfits and students for a wonderful salary of 25k.  

Why this frustration’ I hear you cry. Well let me start with the fact that I love bars and have never had any problems in any drinking hole before. Leciester Square, Soho, Clapham the list goes on of upmarket trendy areas, all happy to pour tasty ethanol down my neck. So you can imagine my horror when an unfortunate manager of a down trodden Weatherspoons in an ‘up and coming’ area of West London felt obliged to throw me out of his 60s reject pub because I was underage and drunk.

If true, this occurrence would have been fine, however, his reasoning was that 1) I had already been asked to leave once. Not true, another member of our table was asked to leave. No two people could look more different unless one of us sprouted a penis. Eye colour, skin colour, height all completely contrasting; easy mistake to make I’m sure. 2) I had been refused service already. Also not true, I was on my third glass of cheap rose all served to me by him. 3) I was clearly drunk as my eyes were red and glazed. I had been up since 4.30 am and the time was now 9pm, of course my eyes were red and glazed, it’s a human mechanism for stopping tired eyes from drying out.

After putting up a good fight and giving quick answers to all his accusations he was clearly not listening and told me my argumentative nature was also a sign that I was highly intoxicated. Fair enough, what I said next perhaps did not help my cause and most certainly cannot be repeated on here but his ignorance and stubborn attitude lost him 12 peoples drinking budget for the evening.

This sort of happening is humiliating at the best of times but being thrown out of a ale stenched, lifeless bar when suitably sober and 6 years legal by management that need some serious amiable etiquette training, seriously takes the biscuite. The manager was clearly just asserting his authority, probably jealous of my youth and prospects. Worst of all, this is the not the first time I have seen this particular manager behave in such a way, so i send out this warning to anybody considering visiting here…..


If you do find yourself in Shepherds bush, there is a lovely bar run by Australian’s next door to the disgraceful Weatherspoons, where they smile and serve JD and coke for £1.50. Go there.

Happy drinking

Sarah Butt (C)


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